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Great books available for less

To me there’s nothing better than the “bargain bin” at book stores. It offers the opportunity to try out new authors without a lot of expense. You never know what new favorite author you might stumble upon.
I found a similar deal online for e-books at Great Books. They offer the latest best sellers and more for a variety of different options. You can’t go wrong. They offer 20 books for just $39.95, or if that isn’t enough reading material for you they have unlimited downloads for only$14.95 a month. Another option is 100 books for $99.95, making it just 99 cents per e-book.
You can choose from the latest best sellers by James Patterson and Sandra Brown or Iris Johansen and Dan Brown. You also can browse by category or subject matter. It can’t get easier than that.
Don’t have a Kindle or Nook? Don’t worry. You can read e-books on a PC or laptop or your iPad.
Check it out today to visit the world’s largest online library. I know I’m going to browse through some books at http://bit.ly/18NhXYV.


The Eleventh Hour – check it out now

Chapter 1

A scream snapped Tad out of his nap. “Katie!” he shouted, scrambling to sit up in the van seat. He searched the surrounding darkness for his daughter. His heart pounded in his chest as he gasped for breath. It wasn’t her – she had died. He couldn’t pinpoint the cause of the desperate cry. Only an RV across the parking lot joined him in the desolate rest stop. An army of trees surrounded the area, standing guard. A second shriek pulled his attention back to the motor home. He fumbled for the door handle in the darkness, his fingers finally gripping the cool metal.

Want to find out more about what happens to Tad on his stop in this dark rest area and the adventures and danger that await him? Check out “The Eleventh Hour” by Julie Clements, available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble as an e-book for only $1.99.Image