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“Double Time” now available

If you like a good suspense story, check out my latest novel, “Double Time,” here.
Here’s a preview:
A suspicious house fire in the middle of the night and a missing couple lead small town Police Officer Tad Mooreland to start asking questions he shouldn’t. He’s told the case is closed, but he wants to get answers for what happened. When he won’t leave the case alone, he is put on leave. Then his daughter is kidnapped.
Tad has to sort through mysteries of murder, cloning and deception to find his daughter before her kidnappers harm her, all the while being on the run from the same police department for which he works.



Do you know what will happen?

The girl took a cautious step away from him, as if he were a wolf ready to attack.
“Are you okay?” he asked, holding out his hand to her as one would to a puppy.
She hesitated a few feet away, the light gleamed on the tears streaming down her cheeks. As she brushed away the tears, Tad’s stomach tightened. He’d never been good with tears, just ask his ex-wife. His first instinct was to flee, but the guilt of doing that once before held him there. He pressed his feet onto the pavement, refusing to let them take that first step that would lead him away.
The girl peered up at him and burst out crying again. “They’re gone,” she said between sobs.

Find out who’s gone and what happened to them in “The Eleventh Hour.” Check it out on Amazon or Barnes and Noble at:
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Thank you for the feedback

Thank you to one reader for my latest review on Amazon of “The Eleventh Hour.”
This person wrote: “The Eleventh Hour had me hooked in the first few pages. A man tries to reunite a young girl with her parents who have driven off from a rest stop without her. When law enforcement seem to be less than interested in returning the girl to her parents, the man realizes that sinister forces are keeping her from finding her family. The cross-country chase that ensues is fast-paced and, at the same time touching. This book is well written and I enjoyed it immensely.”
I continue to receive great feedback from those I talk to. It’s wonderful to hear people say they couldn’t put it down.
If you’re looking for a good book to read, check out my novel on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.
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The Eleventh Hour – check it out now

Chapter 1

A scream snapped Tad out of his nap. “Katie!” he shouted, scrambling to sit up in the van seat. He searched the surrounding darkness for his daughter. His heart pounded in his chest as he gasped for breath. It wasn’t her – she had died. He couldn’t pinpoint the cause of the desperate cry. Only an RV across the parking lot joined him in the desolate rest stop. An army of trees surrounded the area, standing guard. A second shriek pulled his attention back to the motor home. He fumbled for the door handle in the darkness, his fingers finally gripping the cool metal.

Want to find out more about what happens to Tad on his stop in this dark rest area and the adventures and danger that await him? Check out “The Eleventh Hour” by Julie Clements, available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble as an e-book for only $1.99.Image