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Thanks for your support

Thank you to everyone who has taken a few moments to purchase and download my latest novel, Double Time. If you haven’t checked it out yet, here is a brief excerpt from it:

A fire truck raced down the street in front of their house, its red lights flashing into Stephie’s room. She clung tighter.

“Come on.” He tried to pry her fingers off of his arms and she sniffled.

He hated to see her cry.

Tad picked her up and hugged her, whispering that everything would be alright in her ear. Soon her tears subsided. Together they gathered her school books and some clothes for the next day, putting them all in her overnight bag.

Tad carried her out to his car and buckled her in. Her small eyes were wide with fear. Sirens of any kind still scared her. With Stephie in the front seat beside him, Tad flipped on the lights and sped down the street to drop her off.

A few moments later Tad pulled up in front of the house; it was already engulfed in flames. The chief hadn’t exaggerated when he said it was going to be a total loss. Tad gazed into the flames. Both of the town’s fire trucks were spraying water onto the house, but it didn’t seem to be making much difference.

Tad weaved his way through the hoses and other officers and onlookers to the chief. It looked like the entire town was out. This was more excitement than they had seen in years. The last house fire was shortly before he and Stephie had moved to town.

“What happened?” Tad asked Police Chief Michaels as a firefighter rushed past, bumping into Tad. Tad glanced at the young kid; he didn’t look old enough to be out of school.

Not sure. The neighbors called in a report of hearing two gun shots around 11:45, and by the time officers arrived, the house was blazing.”

“I thought it was a missing person,” Tad said.

“Maybe. We don’t know where the couple is who lived there.”

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Do you know what will happen?

The girl took a cautious step away from him, as if he were a wolf ready to attack.
“Are you okay?” he asked, holding out his hand to her as one would to a puppy.
She hesitated a few feet away, the light gleamed on the tears streaming down her cheeks. As she brushed away the tears, Tad’s stomach tightened. He’d never been good with tears, just ask his ex-wife. His first instinct was to flee, but the guilt of doing that once before held him there. He pressed his feet onto the pavement, refusing to let them take that first step that would lead him away.
The girl peered up at him and burst out crying again. “They’re gone,” she said between sobs.

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