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Critique groups offer more than just critiques

Writing can often be a solitary job; most people write books by themselves, unless you have a co-author. Despite this, it is still beneficial to surround yourself with other writers.
One way to do this is through critique groups. I am a member of a critique group that is celebrating our 10-year anniversary this year. We meet every two weeks, more or less when schedules allow. We offer feedback, comments and beneficial critiques to one another’s stories. But we do more than critique. We brainstorm ideas for one another, provide support, laugh a lot, and have become good friends.
Being a part of such a group is helpful in staying motivated to write, knowing there is someone out there waiting to read your next chapter. It also helps to have other views provide feedback and point out things you may not have seen or thought about.
Where do you find such a group? Look for local writing organizations or groups online. Critique groups often meet in bookstores so check their bulletin boards for any meeting notifications. Or simply talk to other writers and see if they are members of such groups.
I highly recommend you give it a try. You’ll get so much more out of it than you will ever expect.
Let me know what you think about critique groups. Are you a member of one? How did you get started?


The birth of a new book

With my first book, “The Eleventh Hour,” out and my next one in the final stages of being ready to be released, my next novel has already begun creeping into the back of my mind. Ideas are beginning to swim around in my head at random times throughout the day, pushing their way into whatever I may be doing at the time. I know what that means — it’s time to get on to a new story.

While revising, editing and preparing for publication is rewarding when you see it out there for others to read and begin to get feedback, there’s nothing better than the adventure of starting out on a new journey with your characters.

I’ve been letting ideas take shape and change for a while now, trying to find the perfect story to tell in this third adventure of Tad. Things come and go, some I forget, and others stick around and keep popping back into my head.

I think it’s time to start taking some notes on all of these random ideas and put them into a book. Let’s set off on another adventure. This time I’ll take you along with me on the ride… Here we go.