Cover time

Where do you get your ideas for your covers? Do you make them yourself or have others create them?
I like to create my own covers. For my first novel, “The Eleventh Hour,” I took photos of one of my friend’s daughters who had red hair. It went great with the main character in that novel. We had a good time laughing and taking pictures. Then it was time to find the other elements to go on the cover, which I found through non-copywrited photos online. The only problem was they weren’t very large files, but I made them work. After blending it all together and creating several versions, I got input from a lot of friends and members of my critique group on which one they liked best.
Now, I’m starting the process again as all I have left on my next novel, “Double Time,” is the cover. I hope to take some pictures tonight, then get it all put together before the end of the weekend.
Where do you get your inspiration for covers?

Check out the Eleventh Hour:


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